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Presenting A Cuckolding Wife

Just look at her. The massive beautiful amazon goddess above you. She´s obsessed with massive dick. She´s conjointly a cuckold-loving cock-craving amazon queen.

She is ready to place your small cuckold dick in permanent chastity and rule your entire life forever more. There are no restrictions on her, no limitations and nothing stopping any of her demands of you.

You can choose to adore her, pamper her, serve her, but you will never obtain any control from her. The proper big dick may be allowed to please her, your best hope is to be made to watch. She will ride the big hard cock and you may have the worst cravings of your life, but she will only make a throwaway comment about having no need for your lame little dick! Do you have a chance at all of pleasure? Sure, but be warned, though, if you're not sufficiently big or attractive in the eyes of the goddess, then you will be tease and taunted instead.

Are you ready for permanent chastity at the feet of your mistress? She´s a steaming hot attractive lady who deserves huge dick, pampering and total service. Nothing less will be accepted. Her demands are stern, uncompromising and hard. Are you going to offer her something less? Afraid you can't satisfy her with your pathetic prick? There will be no mercy in the endless small dick humiliation if you even try.

You are entering the twisted psychological world of Cuckolds, where superior wives and men with huge dicks rule and small boys such as you follow orders. From here on in your life is that of a cuckold inferior to your mistress. You may be made to please other men, dress up as a sissy, lick your womans dirty feet, watch your wife having sex with multiple partners and much more beyond. It is all out of your control.

Loving at the feet of a mistress is the new goal of your life. Your only mission. Your purpose. She will cuckold and humiliate you in the process for the fun of it. Never doubt her superiority and cruelty to worthless worms like yourself.

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